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Past Winners

a headshot of Pedro Luz in a field.

2020 Winner

Luca Luz

“I have to say that winning the Design a Sock Contest is one of my biggest accomplishments. I love everytime I get recognized by the wave socks design in my city, so many people were involved in the voting and it inspired so much unity. That’s for sure the biggest prize I already received.”

Winning Sock: Punkzilla

Legform view of The Wave - Art History Vaporwave Knee High Socks
A portrait of Franco Barco with his dog.

2019 Winner

Franco Barco

“I am a plastic artist living in Panamá with my dog Luigio. I like to illustrate everything I see in a gothic way.”

Winning Sock: Punkzilla

Legform view of Punkzilla crew socks.
Portrait of Breah Morgan smiling with Penguins in the background.

2018 Winner

Breah Morgan

Did your sock-cess inspire you to go out and take on new creative projects or risks?

“Yes. I was inspired to try different art projects I hadn’t done before like sculpturing pins and magnets. My local zoo also loved the socks and my art, so I donated some artwork to help raise funds for the animals’ enrichment program.”

View winning design: Madagascar Menagerie
Portrait of Grant Thackray pretending to levitate while sitting crossed-legged.

2016 Winner

Grant Thackray

What was it like seeing your winning design on an actual sock for the first time?

“It’s pretty surreal. Seeing them on my own feet was pretty cool, but the stranger part was knowing that there were strangers across the world wearing them that I’d never even get to meet, and yet I impacted their life in some small way anyway.”

View winning design: Yonder Castle
Portrait of Alina Chetcuti holding her black and white cat.

2016 Winner

Alina Chetcuti

What advice would you give to someone considering entering Design-a-Sock Contest this year?

“I would say it can't hurt to enter! Write out a list of ideas that you have never seen on a sock before, because that will make your design unique. Once you have your list choose the designs that you can really visualize looking cool, and create some awesome designs!”

View winning design: Foxes in Boxes

Winning Designs

Model view of The Wave - Art History Vaporwave Knee High Socks

The Wave

Say hello to the winning design from our 2020 Design-a-Sock Competition! Luca Luz, a UI designer and artist from Brazil, submitted The Wave design, saying "This wave represents the rise of different people together, and a New Wave is a dream of a new generation."

Green featuring animals of madagascar pattern.

Madagascar Menagerie

Madagascar is an island that separated from the African supercontinent hundreds of thousands of years ago, leaving wildlife populations to grow and evolve in relative isolation. This is how Madagascar became home to all kinds of plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. But no longer do you have to travel all the way to Madagascar to glimpse cuties like the ring-tailed lemur, the aye-aye, or the fossa. They’re native to our Madagascar Menagerie Knee High Socks, a 2018 Design-a-Sock-Contest winning entry.

Yonder Castle Knee High Socks

Yonder Castle

As soon as you put these magical knee highs on, a pathway appears. You must choose, will you go down the pathway and face the dark stranger or will you refuse this new adventure? Will this mystery person help you on your journey or will you have to fight them? This is just the first of many questions you will face on your campaign up to the castle. And once there the riddles don't end. The first question you have to answer is: Where are these fairytale socks taking you and are you willing to take the chance to find out?

Foxes in Boxes Knee High Socks

Foxes in Boxes

Now where did I put my pet fox? How many times have I said that mid move? Moving is stressful business, but at least these foxes are having fun. And once all the back and forth in the trucks is done, you can play in the boxes with the foxes. What do you want to do first, go to outer space or race cars? Mine's blue!

Sugar Skull Knee High Socks

Sugar Skull

These Design-a-Sock winners are a celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and the beautiful altars that are created annually to honor the departed. Sugar skulls are usually placed on the altars created for the deceased, and with these calaveras made for your calves, you can take them anywhere you want. These are some sweet socks with a significant meaning.

Foxy Youth Knee Socks


Now your kid can be cute like a fox! There's no telling what sort of mischief they'll be diving into wearing these. We know they'll be bright eyed and bushy-tailed doing it, though!

Ostrich Knee High Socks


No need to bury your head in the sand with these socks on, this long necked fellow is the cutest nine foot tall bird we've ever seen...aside from Big Bird, of course.

Planets Knee High Socks


How often do you get to look down and see a solar system? With these crew socks the answer is all the time! These 2013 Design A Sock Contest winning socks made such an impact as a knee high, that we just had to make a crew sock for the guys.

Sloth Knee High Socks


Feeling lazy? Want everyone to get off your back so you can just hang out? Send out the message strong with our new contest winner Sloth socks.

Rainbow Blast Knee High Socks

Rainbow Blast

Fact; Unicorns eat danger for breakfast. Fact; Unicorns poop Rainbows.

Squid-O Men Crew Socks


Being attacked by a giant squid is pretty terrifying, but luckily this is just a sock.


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